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How To Start An Online Business. Part 3.

If you decide that you do not want to have a website just yet, you still can make money online. While there are thousands of ways to make money online without a website, I will be discussing the main options in this post.

1. Offering services: Of course it is easier to make a list of services that you can offer and publish them in your website so potential clients will find you online. But you can still offer your services if you don’t want to pay for a site. Just search online for sites that you think could benefit from whatever you offer and contact the site owners by using the information they provide on their site. Or look for services wanted section on sites such as You can also offer your services on facebook and twitter. To find out how to make and maintain a Facebook profile Click Here!. For successful Twitter campaigning opportunity Click Here!

2. Selling Online: You don’t necessarily need to own your site to be able to sell online. Sites like eBay or Craigslist will give you the opportunity to set up a free profile and sell whatever you want. And they will provide customers for your products. Also you can find sites that will let you design and sell T-Shirts, upload your photos, music and videos for sale and provide platform to design, programdevelop,¬† and market your iPhone or iPad applications.

3. Playing Games: That’s right! You can make money online by just playing games all day long. You could be a game tester where you just play games all day long and evaluate them for cash. Or you could become an “Online Hero” in a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Some¬†MMORPG’s will let you monetize your in game earnings. In others you can make money by selling special items, game money and player accounts to other players.

I will conclude here and discuss these options and many more, in more detail, in my upcoming posts. While now-days one can make money online doing just about anything, it is important to remember that to be able to make money and to make a living are two totally different things. You can make quick $10 or $20, which is nice of course, but it takes determination, time and energy to run a business and an online business is no different in this aspect.

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