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How To Start An Online Business. Part 2.

Blog of the day once again

In this one I will talk about websites in a little more detail. There are millions of websites online. They vary in size, design, content and functionality and serve millions of purposes. Now if you choose to publish your own site you need to know what purpose it is going to serve for you. I separate the websites that can help one in making money online, into four main categories: Blogs, Service Sites,  eCommerce Sites and Directory/Listing Sites.
1. Blogs: Blogs (supposedly short from Web Logs) are really popular presently and are basically online diaries, where the admins or authors post articles about anything that they find useful for their users. A lot of blogs gain popularity due to the writing style and unique content that the author presents. Of course there are a lot of blogs that just scrap their content from all kind of online sources automatically and serve only for link building or advertisement purposes. But in order to be successful with a blog you need to have at least some writing skills and write about a subject that is of some interest to somebody else except yourself. And choosing a niche (a specialized market) for your blog is extremely important as well. One of the most popular blog platforms is WordPress and you can find out how to master WordPress blogs here!.

2. Service: This websites are pretty much an online extension of an actual service provided. They cover all the services imaginable, but for our purposes we will look at the sites that only provide online services. These could be graphic design, website design, SEO, online marketing, content writing, etc.. If for instance you are able to translate from Chinese or Japanese I am sure you would be able to offer that as a service and find several customers online.

3. eCommerce: With eCommerce (shopping cart) enabled websites you will be able to sell anything from your own site. Be it just one product or hundreds of them you can use an eCommerce site to set up your online store and start making money. As I previously mentioned I always choose Quick Shopping Cart options for these type of websites, because they are the best. Design and functionality wise. You can create your own Web store in minutes with Quick Shopping Cart

4. Directory/Listing Sites: You can make an online directory or business listing site pretty much like Yelp or City Search or Yahoo. Choosing a single industry profile or a large variety of categories is up to you. The main purpose is to make the listings available to a large number of potential customers. Including customer reviews and special deals is also a good idea.

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