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How To Start An Online Business. Part 1.

Domain Name ExtensionsThis is the first post in the series, in which I will discuss the first steps of starting an online business. Let’s say that you have figured out what you’d love to do, and its time to start making money doing it. First and foremost you have to decide if you need a personal site or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and I will be discussing this two options in this post.

First your own site: To start a website (blog, eCommerce, affiliate, etc.) you need to choose and buy a domain name, and find a hosting company. I personally recommend for any site, except shopping cart enabled (e-Commerce) sites. For latter I would recommend with their Quick Shopping Card solution.

Not This Shopping Cart :)

Not This Shopping Cart 🙂

The first and biggest advantage for owning your own site is that it is your own site. Meaning that you control each and every aspect of it. It can be a representation of your retail or location based business on the internet, or a blog, or an affiliate site, or even an online store even if you don’t have a retail store. Second you can change your site’s profile, and your site will still be there and you won’t have to start from zero again. And if you ever decide not to use the website anymore, you can park your domain name or sell it.

A disadvantage is that you have to pay up front for domain and hosting, and if you can’t make websites you’ll have to pay somebody to do it for you. And also you have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing for your site. Or pay for it. The good news is that the domain names and website hostings are really cheap/affordable. And there are a lot of cheap website building services out there.

The other option is offering services online. These could be content writing, graphic design, photo-shoots, online marketing, etc.. And you don’t have to pay anything upfront to start. But as with any other service based business you will have to promote your services, find clients, establish portfolios and acquire referrals.

Otherwise you can start selling online using E-Bay or Craigslist. Here as well signing up is free and you don’t need to promote or advertise anything. These sites are well known and very popular and have millions of daily visitors. You just figure out what to sell and your business is up and running. There are of course regulations and rules that you have to comply with, but those are present no matter what you decide to do. These sites operate on the basis that “Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure” meaning that you can sell just about anything, starting with your used office supplies or clothes.

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