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Getting Content For Your Site


Seeing Beyond The Looks

When you have decided your site’s Niche and bought your domain and hosting, you need content for your site. Content is everything. Whether you decide to sell products online or just post about your hobby, a unique and appealing content is what your site needs. Of course the design of the site is important too. But a site with perfect design and poor content is not going to serve any purpose.

The content of your site is text, photos/images, videos, product descriptions, games or applications, etc.. Nowadays Search engines are focused on text, but not just any text. In order for your site to appear in search engines under desired search terms, the text has to be unique, keyword reach, grammatically correct and relevant. And remember, the text should be written for human beings, and be interesting and well written. While stuffing the text with keywords and key-phrases for SEO purposes, may even rank your site well on search engines, it will not get you any loyal followers. People will find your site, go through it once and when they see it doesn’t make any sense, they will move to something more interesting.

An image/photo is what makes your site exciting and fun to look at. Including relevant and colorful images in your website will grab attention and enhance the viewer experience. Sometimes an image will explain the concept better than a paragraph of text. And if you are selling a product online than the photo of the product is a must. Images usually make a difference between somebody taking a look at your text or completely ignoring your article. Choose the images carefully though: an image that has nothing to do with the subject of your site may confuse the viewers. And make sure that you own the rights to the images on your site, or at least have permission to use them on your site. If you take somebody else’s images and use them on your website without their consent, sooner or later they might find out and come after you (i.e your money). You can get images for online use on or similar sites.

Videos are an even better way to get your website visitors interested and have them spend a lot of time on your site. A one minute video will help you drive your point through, or show in detail the product you are talking about, or add a more personal touch to the site, etc.. Presently videos are hugely popular and there are websites that only haveĀ  videos, as their content. You Tube (the most famous video sharing website) for example, lets everybody to upload and share videos online. You can even earn money on You Tube just by uploading videos that will interest a lot of viewers. You can make your own videos or get free videos from You Tube or other video sharing sites. With help making interesting and fun videos Click Here!. For making videos with iPhone Click Here!.

Text, images and videos are the main content for any site and if you follow these steps you are guaranteed to create a website that is interesting, fun to review and makes one want to come back for more.

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