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I have started this blog to share and discuss my experience on how to make money online. I have had this idea of starting a successful online business and working at my leisure for the longest time. Just imagine what it would feel like if you were your own boss and had full control over your time and decisions. You are the one to decide when to start working, how long to work and what to do, and still make enough money to pay your bills, support yourself and your family, and take long vacations wherever you wanted.
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Or Get My Own Island

Sounds great right.

I have spent long hours, researching, reading, learning and educating myself on the subject matter. Most of the stuff that I came across was some kind of unimportant and useless information that the internet and the bookstores are filled with. I  tried and tested every method I learned about. I have learned to make websites, to market online, do search engine optimization and write content for my sites. I have also learned how to differentiate the worthy material from trash. And after trying numerous ways and tactics to make my online business work, I finally built a strategy and knowledge base that helped me to succeed.

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010Now there are many different ways that you can make money online and I will discuss all of them in my blog. I have dedicated several categories, which will cover a wide variety of aspects of online money making. And if for a regular business you have to have a huge start up capital, a business plan, find a location, do market research and probably get a loan; the beauty of online businesses is that it doesn’t require a space and a lot of funds to start. Of course at some point you will have to invest, since as they say: nothing is free, and you still have to do a lot of research and market analysis, but compared to what you can gain in return for your efforts and investments it is time and money well spent. With online business you can reach millions of people, which can not be achieved with location based business. And this is the one of the keys to success with online business.

I know that for a lot of people a strategic online business building might seem a hard and boring thing to do and probably they are looking for a “set-up-and-forget” or “magical over-night-success” formulas. And there are a lot of scams and false ads that offer just that. Only it doesn’t work that way. In my blog I will be presenting serious money making ideas and business opportunities that require attention, devotion and power of will, but which are guaranteed to work, and which in the case of success will reward you the life and the financial freedom that you always wanted.

For all of you who share similar goals and dreams, and for all, who want to be in control of their lives I dedicate this blog.